lil sussy bakas

Collection by Jules Blanc

What the hell is this ?

Lil Sussy Bakas is a collection of silly and adorable stupid hand-drawn characters by Jules Blanc - each design is unique and has a personality to it.
The main motivation behind this collection was to be able to design simple and expressive characters, playing with a color palette that expands itself as time goes and learning more about character design with it, while also having a more accessible collection for people who enjoy my work.

special categories

While all sussy bakas are equal and unique in their own way, there are some special categories, which are explained below:- Collab: These sussy bakas were design in collaboration with other artists or brought from their collections to the sussy baka universe! It's interesting to work with other artists and learn from each other!
- Unlockable Portrait: They come with a free derivative portrait of themselves as unlockable content, it will also be minted on Polygon and transferred to the owner.
- Animated: As the name says, these sussy bakas are animated. Very simple animations overall, because my computer is a potato.
- Evolution: These lil fellas are alternative versions of an already existing sussy baka, but grown-up in some way. You can evolve your sussy bakas by bribing the artist with ETH or through holder benefits!

holder benefits

All holders:
- Eventual art airdrops;
- Giveaways for physical goodies with my art (stickers, art prints, buttons, etc)!
- Giveaways for special 1/1 artworks;
- Giveaways for free custom sussy bakas;
- Giveaways for free derivative portraits of your sussy bakas;
Holders with 3+ sussy bakas:
- One Free Evolution! That's right, you may choose one of them to be evolved for free. The evolution will be a separate item, just like an alternative version of your sussy (with the same numeric code, it will not count as a new sussy for holder benefits). You may pick a specific theme for the evolution or leave it up to me, it will be transferred to you once finished.
Coming soon: More benefits will be added once the collection grows!


If you're interested in a custom Lil Sussy Baka just send me a message on Twitter or Discord. It could be based on your original characters, mascots, NFTs, anything you want. I'll do my best to make them super cute!Price starting at 0.06 ETH, might be higher depending on complexity.

are you a sussy and a baka?

New drops weekly.....usually /ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\If you want updates and news make sure to follow @lilsussybakas on Twitter and join our Discord Server! Many cool collabs with other collections coming soon.

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